Won’t Forget My Way Home

Sometimes, if I have some extra savings, I’ll go back to Padang and bring my children so they won’t forget their origin and hometown.

“I’ve been in Malaysia for 25 years but have never worked for anyone and became a full-time housewife instead since the first day I arrived in Malaysia. My husband opens a small shop in Chow Kit area that sell clothes and sometimes I lend him a hand if his employee is on leave. I am very grateful because sole income from the shop are enough for the whole family. Our children graduated from secondary school and some of them have started working in Malaysia. I don’t have a plan to go back to my hometown since I am already used to the life here and are familiar with my neighbours. I would feel very awkward if I move back to my hometown. I don’t know anyone else there except for my family, however, most of my family members are moving to Malaysia. I still won’t forget my hometown even though I’m residing in Malaysia.”

Ely, 40 years old, Padang