When I’m Truly Ready

“Like any other guy, I wanted to get married as well. I started to save money, skip my dinner and get more money to achieve my dreams.”

“You can call me Andy, but my real name is Fendi. I’m a gangster… Just kidding! At the moment I’m working in a factory in Selangor but I’m definitely going to be my own boss sooner or later. I’m a lover-type of guy, always giving teddy bears to my girlfriend in Indonesia, taking her to the beach and pampering her. If you asked me whether I’m missing her or not, I really do. But she needs to understand, that I could marry three more women. But I know that in order to marry three women, I need to have a stable financial. I’m working on it right now. Okay, I’m kidding again! The best presents ever given to me are loyalty and love from my girlfriend. With her sweet and loving character, she never loses hope to see me again after I finally get rich in Malaysia. Even if it’s going to take more than a decade but I do believe there’s always an opportunity for a better life. It’s my first year in Malaysia and I am open to exploring more of what life has to offer.”

Fendi, 23 years old, Surabaya