Love and Sweet Memories

My grandmother took care of me with my other siblings since we were child and because she was too old and unable to work anymore, I think it is my responsibility to repay her kindness.

“After I graduated from secondary school, I decided to follow my uncle to work in Malaysia. Since the economy in Indonesia is not as good as in Malaysia and my experience working for two months without pay in the village back in Indonesia, I was determined to work abroad. In addition to earn extra money, I wanted to find a lifetime experience. I am still young and after hearing the experiences from my uncle, I feel like I want to work abroad and save some money for my grandmother back in my hometown. Fortunately my little brother is also working with me so I didn’t feel lonely here. Every month I will send money to my grandmother and since she’s living alone in the village so she really needs money for her expenses.”

Gunawan, 23 years old, Medan