Waiting For The Right Time

“I’m waiting for the right time to go home.”

This is my fifth year in Malaysia and I managed to have enough savings for my future. I finally have enough savings to repair my house back in the village. My son is almost finishing secondary school and will go and work to help out with our family. I would like to host a dinner for my family because they helped me a lot and I want to thank them. I will keep on sending money to my son every month until he finishes secondary school. He is already applying for a job in Singapore. My brother is also working in Singapore, so I’m not worried about my son.

I earned RM600 when I first arrived in Malaysia but the expenses back then were still reasonable. Now I have to save more money because our monthly spending increased. Now, I’m just waiting for the right time to go back to my hometown and spend my retirement.”

Norjannah, 36 years old, Surabaya