Trust Issue

“I am not easily trusting of people but with my limited free time, I have to have courage and faith and just trust they will help me remit the money.”

“I deeply concerned about my mother’s well-being in my hometown. Every month I would send money to her for her medical needs. It takes almost 45 minutes just to get to the town and find a store that provides remittance services.Sometimes when I don’t have time, I have to ask help from my friends to send her the money on my behalf.”

There is no easy way to get rich, but we always find a way to earn an honest living. I will be happy to earn enough to support my family in Indonesia. My mother always advised me to be sincere and hardworking so I used that to improve my life here and support the family. Sometimes I feel lonely, but I remember that I work hard for my family. Also, my source of income is here in Malaysia.

Yanie, 32 years old, Jakarta