Together With My Brothers

I am so grateful that I am not being alone here.

“I had a job in Indonesia but my salary in my hometown was not enough for my wedding savings. I used to work at a construction site in the village but I have not been able to save enough of my money to get married. My mother has asked about my wedding many times but I don’t have enough money, so how can I take care of someone’s daughter?

At the same time, I also want to buy a motorcycle here. Easy for my trip from my house to my workplace. I am fortunate that my 3 brothers also work here so I am not alone. If I need any help, they will definitely come and help me to go through the problem. I am so grateful that I am not being alone here.

Indeed I am too clingy with my mother. Every month I will send money to my mother for her expenses in our hometown together with my marriage fund. I really love my mom even though she kept asking me the same question about marriage over and over again.”

Shamsul, 23 years old, Surabaya