Through Uji’s Lens

I live and work in the suburbs area of Klang but during my free time over the weekend, I spend some extra time and money just to go to Kuala Lumpur and take photos of the city. This is where I learn and practice my photography skills.

“My passion is photography! Since I love it so much, my friends and I saved up quite a bit of money to buy our very own digital SLR camera. I decided to buy a second-hand camera because the brand new one is too expensive. The lens for this camera is also costly but I enjoy my hobby so much I don’t regret it at all. Since I’m working as a factory worker, I have my working shift to follow so it’s hard for me to find extra time to practise my photography skills. If I had plenty of money, I would attend a photography class and learn how to take quality photos.

Like most guys my age, I also dream of getting married but I don’t have a girlfriend yet. For me, the girls who wear hijab are more enchanting and charming. Some guys spend their time paying attention to girls who meet the common criteria of being attractive, girls without the hijab. But I think differently. The girl of my dream is sincere, sweet and courteous and, of course, wears the hijab that makes her a little mysterious and yet so beautiful. One day when I finally meet her, I’ll definitely take photos of her with my new camera. ”

– Uji, 25 years old, Central Java