The Worst Employer

At first, my employer was being kind to me but after her first child was born, she becomes a bit lost. Everyday she will scream and didn’t allow me to eat.

“Working as a maid was my worst job experience in Malaysia. I deeply understand some maids who experienced the same nightmare. I work for her 24 hours every day without rest because I have to organize everything in the house and cook for the family.

I can only work for 2 months and quit working as a maid. I was lucky enough to meet some of my friends who work at the eateries and coincidentally get a job at the same place. I started working and thankful for my second job experience was not that bad. I feel more comfortable working in the restaurant because the food is provided and customers are very friendly. One word of advice, if your job treating you badly, just quit and not to worry anything because God will surely help you.”

Aini, 29 years old, East Java