The Ultimate Goal

I have a goal and the important reason why I chose Malaysia to work rather than stay in Lombok is that I could earn extra money so my son wouldn’t end up like me.

“I have been dating with my wife since I was in school. I never thought that she would agree to become my wife. She’s strong, respectful of others and very understanding. What else can a man ask for? I work in an estate area in Pahang, sometimes the telecommunications network is pretty bad. So I have to go into town just to call and talk to my family.”

At first, my wife would worry about me and I promised to not let her down for the sake of our family. I also want to give him the best education. It has been a year since I left my family in Lombok and I am grateful that God has eased everything for me in Malaysia. I don’t mind working in agriculture estate and wake up every day at 3 am so I can get extra pay to help my wife and son have enough money for their living expenses in Lombok.

Ahyar, 31 years old, Lombok