The Sudden Loss Of My Husband

“I lost my husband suddenly without even saying sorry or I love him”

“I arrived in Malaysia about 6 months ago and I have to admit that I am not familiar with this place yet but my friends never stopped helping me to adjust my life in Malaysia. I decided to move to Malaysia after my husband passed away and because my children and I are very desperate for money. We don’t even owned a house so I have to accept the job offer in Malaysia even though the salary is low. I sent almost all of my salary to my son who is now living with my in-laws.

I know that I will work in Malaysia for a very long time because my son is still in school and we need money to build our own house in the village. I don’t want to rely on other people and I’m afraid if anything would happen to my son in the village. I also don’t think of retirement at this moment even though at this age I should have thought about it and counting days to go home. “

Wati, 42 years old, Central Java