The Importance Of Sincerity

“My employer treats me like his sister.”

“My husband and I divorced and during that time, I don’t have a job or even savings. Because job opportunities back in my hometown are very limited, I decided to accept the opportunity to work in Malaysia and earn some money for my retirement. My son also followed me to Malaysia and worked as a security guard in Kuala Lumpur. I am the one who took care of him since he was young and he couldn’t see me living abroad alone. He would bring me everywhere because he’s afraid something bad would happen to me if I go alone. He wants to save some money for his wedding and we both work to be more financially stable in the future. My life in Malaysia is blessed because my employer refuse to let me go back to my hometown because I listened to him and follow the rules when I’m working. I am working and earn a honest living which I also taught my son to always be sincere when working so that the money he gets is ‘blessed’. ”

Ibah, East Java