Start A Bigger and Better Life

I’m here to start a bigger and better life

“After months of unemployment back in the village, I decided to find a job in Malaysia. I started working as an assistant in a foodcourt and when I was just 20 years old at the time. I felt quite nervous at the time because I had no working experience. But luckily, my employer is very kind to help me adapting to work in Malaysia. I saved some money and sent to my mother in the village because my mother is too old to work. The money I collected was made as a capital for me to start a home and an office for cleaning services.

My son who also worked in Malaysia helped me a lot. My son sent me to the cleaning site so I don’t have to carry all the cleaning tools all by myself. My son and I would go back to Indonesia once every 5 years to visit my mother. I feel blessed for my life here in Malaysia. I was given a job opportunity and an understanding employer, then I started a small cleaning service company. Our savings are increasingly sufficient and at the same time, I am also collecting money for my business capital in Indonesia. “

Matus, 39 years old, Surabaya