Life Full Of Surprise

“I never thought that moved to Singapore is a wise decision that I have made. I don’t have a proper educational background and my English not that good. I thought I won’t survived here more than 2 years but look at me now, this year going to be my 6 years here. I owed a lot to my employer. He taking a good care of me by giving me a job, a place to stay and many more.

When I reach here, I had no idea what to do. I’m confused. Until my employer found me and offer me a job. He offers me to be his assistant at his shop. I worked as the assistant to a locksmith. My English also not that good so it was a struggle for me back then. But throughout the years, I’m improving. My employer then gave me a place to stay and increase my salary. I’m quite happy with my life here even I’m not the that successful person as other Indonesian in Singapore.

Now, I’m no longer the assistant to the locksmith. I’ve become the locksmith and my employer had put all his trust on me to run this shop on my own. He only going to visit the shop during the first and the end of the month. My employer even gives me a bonus for Christmas and asked me whether I want to celebrate Christmas back in Indonesia. “

Punang, 28, Flores.