Improves Your Lifestyle – Follow Your Heart

“Lived in abroad is not the same as your own country. Even though still in the same region of Asia but Singapore and Indonesia way too different. Indonesia is a big country while Singapore is a small country. But the people in Singapore much more advanced than the people in Indonesia.

Furthermore, people here all able to speak English. Back in Indonesia everyone proud to speak Indonesian. Even the foreigners speak our mother tongue. Here, I need to work hard. To get more money, you need to work hard for it. Wake up as early in the morning before sunrise you go out and you reach home after sunset. What a life!

Through the years, I’m able to speak English without feel ashamed. With the era of technologies, these days have inspired me to contribute the bits of knowledge and experiences that I have gained here back to the society to where I come from. I’m planning in future when I had enough saving and for my retirement, I want to open a community English center where I can teach and develop English together. By this, can make every Indonesian improves their way of life. “

Jojo, 24, Medan.