I’m 53 And I Work 3 Jobs – Age Is Not An Excuse

“Those days during my childhood only rich kids or clever kids can go to school. Kids that are not educated or not that clever like me are not highly advanced to go to school. Education at that time very hard to get because I come from a poor family. My family cannot afford to pay for the school fees and since I’m not that clever student it leads me hard to apply for the scholarship.

I’ve decided to skip schools to help my poor family. I lied to my parents that I went to school. But actually, I took a part-time job. Where actually it is multiple part-time jobs that I did to support my family. I did get caught when my teacher informed my parents that I’ve skipped school and sometimes I didn’t attend the class at all. I have a solid reason to skip the class because of the financial that my family suffers that time.

Things went tough when it is hard for me to get a job because I don’t have the proper paperwork qualification. So the choice that I have left is to become a construction worker. Day and night round the clock, without knowing sun and moon I keep on working doing multiple jobs. Through the years, I have worked in Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia and now, Singapore.

I must say that I’m quite old now but I need to work to support myself. Since I don’t have a proper educational background, I only can do this kind of work until the end of my life. Furthermore, time is very valuable. The moment you had lost before won’t come again unless you keep working hard to reach the goals of your life.”

Jaki, 53, Acheh