Sharing My Experience and Views

“Back in our homeland, a Bachelor Degree won’t promise you a job”

“Indonesia is not like what foreigners expected. When I was in UKM, I still remember someone asked me whether we have computers and laptops in Indonesia or not. I asked them to personally come to Indonesia and let them see how we live. Yes, we do have people sleeping under the bridge but we also have at least 20% out of 250 million population in Indonesia living luxury.

Those who came here (Malaysia) aim to improve themselves and their family’s financial stability. One of the main factor is that they’re tired of waiting for better job opportunity. For instance, a young man who just graduated from high school has been waiting for months to get a job offer. Finally, an agent approaches him and invites him to work abroad with better salary. They will immediately grab the job offer and fly to Malaysia.

In the end, after many years of working in Malaysia, they come back and still have no job in their hometown. Because they just come to Malaysia for work and haven’t learned any skills or while they’re here.

During my 18 years in Malaysia, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to various issues and problems among migrant workers and share my opinion on my blog in Kompasiana. I am still working on establishing a school for all migrant workers in Malaysia and train them with the right skills alongside with sticking to their aim while working in Malaysia.”

Taufiq Hasyim, Lombok

SIKL Non-Formal Education Coordinator, Writer at Kompasiana