Repay My Parents’ Kindness

“I dream to get a job worth the effort that I give”

“I’ve been working in Malaysia for 2 years now and because I didn’t get the opportunity to study when I was in my hometown, I continued my studies here in Malaysia. Fortunately, we were given education and learning skills for our preparation here and also in our homeland. I’m here to find a job because I don’t know what else to do in the village. I was unemployed and my previous job back home, my salary was not enough for my family. I want to help my parents because they have given me so much love and education. Just because I didn’t have any opportunity to continue my studies, I volunteered to migrate abroad and find more money here. I want to repay my mom and dad while they are still alive. I don’t want them to think so much about me because I still don’t have any job and stay at home doing nothing. I want to help them during their retirement and at the same time I am determined to go home by 2020. While I am still here, I prepare myself so when I go home, I can immediately get a better job.”

Benji, 21 years old, Jambi