Preparation For My Future

“I don’t think that I’m too old for school”

“I arrived in Malaysia 26 years ago and started my first job as a housemaid. After many years working for other people, I started to get to know people in my neighbourhood and start my own small business. At first it was a bit difficult for me to get a profit from the my business because I had to pay the shop rental and many people still don’t know about my restaurant. Initially, I suffered a tremendous loss and struggled to save my own money to pay for the shop rental. I can’t afford to continue paying for the rental so I continue my business with a food truck It is more convenient and the cost is much lesser than my previous restaurant.

At the same time I attended a sewing class in KL Indonesian School. The teachers here are very supportive with our passion to learn and now I already know to sew. If I have extra time after work, I do a part time job for dress and pants alteration for my neighbour. At least I can add a little income for my preparation to go home. My children have also been working so it lessen my burden to bear the expenses of children in the village. The children are also waiting for my return to the village.”

Suhana, 56 years old, East Java