Pension Comes Later

I am very eager to retire and go home but thinking about the needs of my family and my children in Indonesia, I continue to work in Malaysia and the pension comes later.

“I’m just counting my days in Malaysia. While I work alone in Malaysia, my family and I have been apart for 15 years. My wife is also the same age as me, and for 15 years she took care of my family in Indonesia while I look for extra pay in Malaysia. Perhaps for some people being apart from family means getting more freedom, but for me, it’s a big challenge because I’m the leader of the family but I’m not there when they need me.

It’s getting difficult for me to make more money because of the economy in Malaysia. During 1998 and 1999, it was very easy for me to make extra money here in Malaysia, however, now it’s about the same as if I work in Indonesia.”

Saliman, 50 years old, Madura