Opportunity to Study

“I have to work and study at the same because I don’t have the opportunity to study when I was in Indonesia.”

“I can’t afford to continue my studies because I have another two brothers who are still in school and our parents couldn’t afford to pay for our school fees thus I’m willing to sacrifice for my siblings. Back in my village, it is very difficult to get a job and earn a decent salary. Although I work hard in the village, our income is still not enough and I try to find another jobs but I didn’t get the job I wanted. I came to Malaysia with hope to find extra money for my family and myself before I got married. In Malaysia, I work and study at the same time. I work from Monday to Friday and going to school to get certificate on the weekend. Teachers and classmates are also very supportive. I want to save my savings so that in the future I do not have to be here and leave my family. “

Musonnifuddin, 23, Central Java