Nurul’s Ramadan Story

Everyone chooses how they want to live their lives. This is how I’ve chosen for mine. I was married for 4 years and chosen not to have a baby until now.

“My husband agreed that I am still 26 years old, and maybe it’s not the right time yet to have a baby. Maybe that is one of the reasons I don’t feel different when it comes to Ramadan or Eid. Ramadan is always my favourite time of the year. I can go home after work and prepare some foods for my husband. I also feel less emotional and angry during Ramadan, I can’t describe any reason behind this but maybe because I was fasting. I believe that when we’re fasting, we become calmer and happier.”

I always cook at home, even with less than RM 300 I can still survive for the whole month. Normally I would just buy some rice, vegetables, salted fish or chicken from the night market and cook it for my husband. I am lucky to have him, he doesn’t mind the dish as long as it’s home-cooked. During the Eid, I’d stay in Malaysia with my husband and spend the holidays together. We don’t go out since we don’t have relatives in Malaysia, we would just gather some of our Indonesian friends and celebrate the festivity with them.”

Nurul, 26 years old, Jawa