Never Stop Learning

“Traumatised by my past experience, I never wanted to go back to Singapore, however circumstances forced me to.”

“I’ve been working in Singapore as a domestic helper since 2010. My first job was a nightmare. I couldn’t use my phone nor take any days off, it were two years filled with tears. After my contract finished, I went back to my hometown. Traumatized by my past experience, I never wanted to go back to Singapore however, circumstances forced me to. I needed to support my parents financially and pay for my brother’s education. So I flew back.

Initially, my second employer also didn’t give me any days off, but I didn’t give up. I asked again and again, told them that I want to study and pursue my dreams. Finally they agreed, they allowed me to take one day off weekly and fully supported my decision. Every Sunday, I attended courses in AIDHA and learned a lot about business and marketing. I also met a lot of new friends and we helped each other while studying.

I just graduated a few weeks ago and I am very proud of myself now. Becoming a domestic helper has given me the opportunity to study in Singapore. One day when I have enough money, I dream to open up an English course in my hometown to help other kids learn English. My message to all migrant workers, never ever stop learning and use your day off to do something positive.”

Leliyah, 25, Cirebon