My Prayers Were Finally Answered

“It’s not easy to raise 5 kids alone..”

“I’m a single mom who’ve been working in Malaysia since 1993. I started my first job as a housemaid and I send money to all of my 5 kids in Indonesia every month since then. I have to work because I don’t have any other options. There are job opportunities in my hometown but the pay is not enough to pay my kids’ school fees and other education expenses.

As a mom, I took the challenge and accept the job offered in Malaysia. I’ve met so many employers that are very considerate towards their employees. Some of them treat me like their family member and always support whenever I need help from them. My prayers were answered as I always pray to get a considerate and kind employer. My employer support my decision and even send me to this school every weekend when I told them that I want to continue my studies. Here in this school, I learn to sew and a little bit of other craft work.

Even though I’m already 58 years old, I never think that I am too old for school or to learn new things. A lot of my classmate are in the same age range with me and they too, always support me. I am preparing for my retirement as my savings is enough for my own expenses. I have other savings too with my children so I really hope we are financially stable and improve our lives back in Indonesia.”

Suriani, 58 years old, Jawa Tengah