My Greatest Gift

“My son is the greatest gift I ever had. Although sometimes he is so naughty and hyperactive, at the end of the day he still the reason I’m smiling.”

“His name is Fitri, 5 years old and living with me in Malaysia. He’s in the kindergarten and quite an active boy! He’s been living with me since no one can take care of him if I send him back to Indonesia. I’d prefer to raise him by my own in Malaysia and give him as much as I can afford. I want him to grow up as a decent man and always respect his elders. I wouldn’t mind to work extra hours and having not enough rest. As long as this little boy gets everything he needs. My husband who is also work in Malaysia helps me as much as he could to support us and send some money to our family in Lombok. I do believe that education is the key to successful people but it can be useless without any decent manners. I always remind my son to remember our roots and never skip his prayer.”

Saadiyatun, 50 years old, Lombok