My Biggest Hope

“My biggest hope in Malaysia is being able to make my family happy with good life condition.”
“The person that I admire most is definitely my mother. She’s strong and very understanding. When I was about to fly to Malaysia, she didn’t say a word but agree with my decision. At this young age, she probably won’t let me work even outside the town, but I guess I am too lucky to have such an understanding mother.
We don’t have to be rich, as long as there are foods to eat and clothes to wear would be enough for us to be happy. Thanks to my mother, I learned to be more independent in Malaysia.
Yes, sometimes I do feel lonely even though we have few hundred Indonesian workers in the construction area I worked at, but I still feel lonely. Missing my family and my boyfriend in hometown but Mother keeps reminding me to stay strong and motivate me to work harder for my future.”
Fify, 21 years old, East Java