Motherly Love

I always remind my children of two things: first, take time for praying, no matter how busy you are at work, and secondly, never forget your roots, respect your parents and make smart decisions in life.

“I am blessed with four children. My third one, Remy is working here in Malaysia just like me. He’s the one who’s always concerned about my well-being and helping me even though his salary is not very high. I don’t want to put a burden on my children. I have two children in Malaysia and another two living in Indonesia. The money that we’re earning here in Malaysia, we send to Indonesia every month.”

All my children have already graduated from high school and started working successfully. I never ask for more from God. Sometimes young people tend to make hasty decisions because they don’t think wisely before they act.

“Throughout my life in Malaysia, I’ve learned so many business techniques from my employers, such as practising smart saving and management skills. Therefore I can teach my children to be able to fulfil their own dream of opening their own business. No mother in the world would want to see her children hustling day and night to make a living. Of course, I will always pray for them and support them in whatever they do!

Hashmi, 47 years old, Jawa