Mom And Meatballs

“Every time that memory kicks in, I feel sad.”

“I was born in a poor family, the youngest of 5. Due to our financial status, my neighbour always insulted and disrespected me and my family. Tired of enduring years of insult and humiliation, I knew I had to do something. That’s why since I was younger, I have always been thinking about working abroad to change our financial status.

In March 2009, I finally came to Singapore to work. I work as a domestic helper and I am really grateful that my current employer is very nice, they treat me so well. For example, last year, my employer organized a company trip to South Korea for all his employees, I was invited for free. This year, they even invited my mom to come to Singapore for a holiday! Most importantly, the pay here is great too.

I love noodles and my mom loves meatballs. I remember back then when money was still an issue, whenever my mom had a crave for meatballs, she ordered only a half portion. Every time that memory kicks in, I feel sad. I love her and I do not want to stay far away from her for too long. At least not more than 10 years, so next year, I plan to go back to my hometown for good. I would like to open a meatball and chicken noodle stall. Whenever my mom is craving for meatballs, she is free to eat as many as she likes.”

Sundari, 28, Lampung