Man Of The Year

“He warned me that the job wasn’t easy as I need to follow him everywhere around the city to earn more commission based on the sales number”

“After graduating from SMA, I fell in love with my husband, Khairul and decided to follow him to Malaysia. At first, I started to work as a promoter and working in a dead-end job trying to follow the path that I felt as if I was supposed to be following. The working scene was becoming suffocating and I could feel myself growing increasingly unhappy. That was before my husband, Khairul asked me to follow him selling sim card. Looking at our son Firdaus who needs more time and attention from both of us, I agree to work with my husband.

Khairul is the most understanding man I ever met. When we’re not working, he would bring us to KLCC, Genting Highlands, and Sunway Pyramid and spend our quality time together. At first, when I arrived in Malaysia, I almost give up and want to make an opposite turn, but Khairul ensure me to always believe in our hard work and soon we can make our living condition even better.”

Naira, 30 years old, Sumatera Barat