I’ve Accepted My Fate

Seeing my husband working so hard, I wanted to go out and help but my situation didn’t allow me to.

“I have been living in Malaysia for 8 years now, together with my son and husband. I have never worked since we came here, so I’m depending on my husband’s salary. I’m very grateful that his salary is enough for our family. Getting work was easy in the beginning as my husband received many construction projects and we saved some money for our savings too. However, since the economy has been somewhat unstable, it has negatively affected our finances. All of my children were born in Malaysia and have already became Malaysian citizens. When I gave birth to my second child, I was forced to undergo a surgery as my child was not in the right delivery position. Our expenses were so limited back then, my husband had to work all day and night to find extra money in order to pay the hospital bills and our newborn’s expenses. I couldn’t afford to pay a babysitter so while my children are still young, I just have to stay at home and take care them.” 

Perawati, 30 years, Riau