I Will Always Stay Ready

“I always teach myself not to be ignorant when it comes to education, even though my teacher might be younger than me.”

“I have never felt that I was too old for new knowledge. Age is just a number. For 15 years I’ve worked in Malaysia, I always remind myself not to be ignorant to learn new knowledge. I am very interested to learn as much as possible because I think this is a sacrifice for myself. I am also grateful and proud for my children as they have finished studying and got permanent jobs in Indonesia. Like other migrant workers, I also want to go home and go back to the village and now I just wait for my time to go home.

Every week I will spend time to go to proficiency classes for my preparation to return home. I don’t want to go home and do nothing. I like to work and although I am no longer in Malaysia in the future, I will keep making additional work in the village for me to get extra money. I teach myself not to be too comfortable with life because if we fall, we will feel very difficult and this will never happen if I stay ready for unexpected moments in future.”

Husna, 31 years old, Padang