Future Savings

Sometimes we both miss our children but when we think of their future, we are getting back our spirit

“I believe at my age I should be out of my hometown to find more experience. Even though I already have 2 children, I feel more freedom here compared to where I used to live. In my village, it is difficult for women to find a job, but things are very different here because women are also able to achieve their goals and raise their own money without burdening the husband.

My husband also works here so I do not feel so alone. Every day I will save some money for my son, as for me, I’m grateful as long as I have something to cook. I used to spend a lot back in my hometown. Almost every day I go out and shop for my family’s meals, but in Kuala Lumpur, I can earn some extra money for our future savings.”

Mimi, 20 years, Surabaya