Friendly Security Guard

“I believe that working as a security guard, you’re not only responsible for people’s safety but to make they feel comfortable with us as well. When people are comfortable with you, they feel safe.”

“We may not think about it often, but smiling is a power to create positive vibes within yourself. I understand that sometimes people are too tired to smile but I never stop smiling to people especially when I’m on working my shifts.

People always noticed and called me a friendly security guard. Before I came to Malaysia, I have to pay the agent for the cost of bringing me to Malaysia. So every month I send only half of my salary and the rest I use for expenses and paying my loan to the agent. I only use the money for transportation because my employer provides a room and I prefer to cook at home than eating outside. Sometimes I’d bring my homecooked lunch so I can save more.”

Man, 28 years old, Ilam.