Experience Teaches Us

Many people say that there is no job in the village, there are actually jobs but the salary is not worth the job’s requirement. My salary a day is not even enough for me to save for my future. So I was determined with my decision to go and work in Malaysia.

“I am young and want to learn from experience. As for me, this is the time for me to pursue my experience and learn more from an older person. I’m grateful that I’m given the opportunity to work abroad at a young age while still having the energy to work. I’m young but still, I have a passion to work for my family in the village and I also want to have a bright future with my wife and children.

Fortunately, some of my relatives are here in Malaysia, so the adjustment process is very easy. I learned a lot from my brothers to fit in with the society and living in a big city. When I lived in the village there was not so much work for me. I don’t feel obligated to work in Malaysia, and I’m willing to take more challenges in Malaysia in order to earn more income. ”

Hairul, 19 years old, Madura