Earn and save money to help family

“I come to Singapore because I desperately need a job. I want to earn and save money to help my family back in my hometown in Lombok, Indonesia.

I’ve never plan to move out from my village until my friend told me that, working in Singapore will allow me to feel the “live your life to the fullest” in the future. I asked her back with million doubts in my mind why she said like that. She explained to me, the payments that you will receive and when you convert it to Indonesian currency, there would be a smile reflected on your face.

Eager to that, I asked her what to do, how to apply and so on. She shared with me that, her former employer run a food business at hawker centre located in Adam Road. Whereby a food stall. Mostly consist of Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Western foods and drinks. So they offered her a job there. Work everyday Monday to Sunday. From 10 am to 6 pm.

Since I’m desperately need a job so I volunteered myself. I asked her whether her employer looking for a worker and she said yes. The moment she said yes, I praised to the God and I’m so happy.

I worked here as a waiter. I take orders and at the same time I cook. The employer such a warm person. I feels like home where you cook and serve the foods from your origin. Even though I lived in apartment shared with other workers. But they were all polite and very helpful.

I receive my salary at the end of the month. I didn’t spent much because I always transfer money back in Lombok every two months. My employer sometimes gave me extra money to transfer back to my family. They said I work hard and deserve to have extra money. Whenever I want to transfer money back to my family, my employer will give me extra a few hundreds of Singapore Dollar. One day when I retire, I plan to open a restaurant in Lombok from the experiences and knowledges that I have gained here. “

Dian, 40 years old, Lombok