Do It Sincerely

“However, I still put my whole heart and my effort into this job.”

“In October 2015, I came to Singapore to work as a domestic worker. It’s been 2 years now. At that moment, I just wanted to experience how being a migrant worker feels like. My main responsibility here is to take care of the elderly. On weekends or public holidays, I just stay at home, read a book or read articles online.

My employer is nice but I do not think the pay is fair compared to everything that I do. However, I still put my whole heart and my effort into this job. I take a good care of my employer’s grandma and I treat her just like I treat my own. I believe if we give our all and do our jobs sincerely, God will show us the way and bless us.

My son is my motivation, one of the reasons I am working hard. He is in Indonesia right now, preparing for his final year exam. He is very kind and smart, I hope one day he can graduate, get a job, and have a better life. I really love him and I am really grateful to have him. Other than that, I also wish that I can save enough money to build my son a house in my hometown.”

Jennie, 43, Manado