Dariah’s Ramadan Diary

“Ramadan for me is a time where I really good time for self-improvement. Probably because I have to wake up very early for Suhūr. When I wake up early, I tend to have clearer mind and plan for the day. It’s like doing yoga, resettling my life and start fresh every day.”

“Ramadan used to be my favourite time of the year but it seems different from the last 5 years since the I last saw my son. He lives with my ex-husband in Indonesia andI left Indonesia to work in Malaysia, my husband changed their phone number and I totally lost contact with him and my son after that. I am now still working in Malaysia with my new husband but it feels the same almost every year after I “lost” my son.

Since then, I don’t feel like saving more for Eid-ul-Fitri. I still save some money for my mother in Indonesia but the feeling is different. I feel a little bit empty but life must go on. I used RM 300 for my daily expenses in Malaysia and it’s already more than enough for me and husband. Ramadan and Eid are still meaningful to me, but it’s not the same anymore without my son.”

Dariah, 31 years old, Surabaya.