Controlling My Future

“My 12-year-old son had to work to help me at home.”

“As a single mother, I feel like I am the source of money for my children. Back in my hometown, I have never worked and since then I only expect money from my husband who works in Malaysia. Several years later, the children and I waited for his phone calls but we don’t receive any message or phone calls from him. I try to contact my husband through a phone call but it was not answered. He turned off his phone. I did not give up to contact my husband’s employer’s office, they told me that my husband resigned from the company and worked elsewhere.

I was too desperate to find my husband so I decided to contact his colleagues but no answer as well. Since then, we lost our one and only source of income. My 12-year-old son had to work to help me at home. I was determined to work in Malaysia at that time and until now I still never see my husband again. Sometimes I do feel lonely and sad because of this problem but I have to adhere to my fate, maybe this is just a small test for me and God believes that I can handle this.

Praise to God, now I can send the money to my children and my 12-year-old son don’t have to work anymore. My kids are been taken care of my sister and every month I’ll send them some money for their expenses. I am still angry with my husband and I definitely don’t want to meet him or see him again. “

Sulastri, 40 years old, Java