Beloved Of Hell

“My husband often hit me before he ran away..”

“I’ve been working in Malaysia for 8 years and all my 3 children are still in school. Each month I will send them some money for their daily expenses. Even though I save half of my salary for our family savings, I will still allocate some money for their school expenses. My intention here in Malaysia, is to find more money. Although the economy is not as good as before, I am still grateful for some extra savings for our family. I can’t rely on anyone other than myself. My husband often hit me before he ran away and I never had a chance to contact him. I did not have any savings at that time and decided to work overseas. I always believed that I could raise my child with my hard work. My hope is that my child will remember my sacrifices and that our origins will never be forgotten, even if they will succeed one day. “

Atie, 35 years old, Padang