An Understanding Family

I am lucky that they really understand me.

“I came to Malaysia since I finished my high school. I have never had a working experience in Indonesia because I’ve been working in Malaysia for 16 years. It’s not easy for a man like me to choose a job. I’m feeling uncomfortable to work in the construction field thus I choose to work at the factory. After I quit my job at the factory due to a very low salary, I started working in a restaurant and I think working in a restaurant is the easiest way to have extra saving.

I’m completely fine with working in Malaysia, maybe because I’m used to it. The condition of my family in Indonesia is also not too worrying, everything is enough for them but surely they’re missing me. I am lucky that they really understand me. I prefer to stay abroad for work, instead of in my hometown without going anywhere. Malaysia also has a better economy than Indonesia, job opportunities are everywhere so I asked myself, what else is it that I want? I am grateful for what is given to me and as long as I remember my intentions, I will never forget my hometown. “

Rudy, 36, Surabaya