A Passionate Chef

“Working in Malaysia is the best decision I’ve ever made because I really earn good pay here. I already have more than ten thousand NPR in Nepal.”

“I enjoy working in Malaysia because cooking is my passion. I send money to my family once in a month because I need to pay for my son’s education. At least he can get a better job in Nepal or somewhere abroad. The reason I came to Malaysia is to improve our lives in Nepal. I didn’t have any other intention than working and send the money back to Nepal. I only use a quarter of my salary for my expenses in Malaysia. I don’t have to pay for accommodation but I have to bear the transportation cost to home every day. I also don’t have to pay for foods since I work in a Cafe and employees’ meals are provided. Yes, I miss my family in Nepal and our lives were good back there. It’s just that I have the responsibility to improve, so I choose to work abroad.”

Padam, 36 years old, Pokhara