A Mother’s Strength

In 6 years I met my child only 6 times, but I dont mind as long as he remembered me as his mother

“I’m a single mother and have been taking care of my own child, alone. I left my son in the village when he was only 2 years old, and my child was too young and could not even talk to me yet. Maybe God wants to see how far I can be patient and face this challenge. I’m working in Malaysia to earn extra money for my son’s future because I don’t want his life to be incomplete without knowledge so I hope he succeeds.

I rarely get an off day, as my job as a promoter requires me to be available every day. If there’s no promotion, then I would get my off day but only for 1 or 2 days. Fortunately, my employer understands that my child is young and she allows me to go back to my hometown once a year to see my child. I’m grateful that since my first day of work, I started as a promoter. I can use the skills that I have, and luckily I speak a lot! So it’s easy for me to do my job. ”

Dewi, 31, Central Java