A Jealous Employer

I worked as a Maid, living under one roof with my employer and her family. Some of my friends are jealous because I get to live in a beautiful house but for me, it’s not worth being jealous at all.

“I decided to come to Malaysia due to my husband’s condition that not allows him to work any longer. Every time I called my husband, I’d cry and he encouraged me to be strong and let God settle the score.”

I don’t get any day off from my employer because she keeps calling me to take care of her children and scolds me if she found out I’m outside with my friends. I can still tolerate with the scolding and work without any day off but she accused me of flirting with her husband. I am a harmless old lady and already have grandchildren, I know my limit.

I finally decided to leave the job, back to my hometown for a while and spend time with my family. I’m pretty sure that I missed foods from Aceh especially Gulai Aceh!”

Mariana, 45 years old, Aceh