A Huge Life Decision

It has been 35 years in Malaysia and I enjoy it here. I never regret making such a huge life decision to work far from my homeland.

“I started working in the construction field when I was fifteen years old and due to the poor condition of my family in Surabaya, I came over to Malaysia in 1982. My aim in Malaysia is to gain extra income to support my family and I send almost 90% of my salary back to Indonesia every month. Blessed with 6 beautiful children, they keep me motivated each time I go out to work, even on weekends.

Of course, when I have free time here in Malaysia, I always enjoy having tea with my fellow Indonesian friends. They are the one that reminds me of my homeland. When you’re far from your family, your friends are the ones who keep you company and you will appreciate them and treat them like your own family. I am blessed to be given such good friends who are also part of my small family here in Malaysia.”

Pak Sarif, 50 years old, Surabaya.