A Grateful Heart Of Mine

“I’m grateful with my life now though I’m not working in my own country”

“I decided to migrate to Malaysia after my husband passed away even though I have never worked before. I started my first job as a cleaner in Kuala Lumpur. Even though my son have already graduated from high school, I still need to work for our family. After my husband passed, our finances are very limited and often not enough for our family. Our lives were very difficult while we were back in the village and I am not the kind of person who likes to borrow money from others – my siblings or my mother. My husband didn’t leave us much money or property for us so I had to go to Malaysia to earn more money.

In Malaysia, I don’t feel so lonely. After 5 years of working in Malaysia, I have many friends who always accompany me whenever I feel lonely. My friend also taught me how to earn extra money by doing two jobs. Sometimes on the weekend, I will do cleaning service around the neighbourhood and save the money for my retirement. I also go back to the village where I came from once every 2 years to visit my son and spend some time together. “

Lili, 50 years old, Jawa