The burden supporting the family

“It’s hard when you are the one who taking the responsibilities of the whole family’

I’ve been working ever since I was young.  I came from a poor family. I’m from East Java. It’s hard to work in Indonesia and the payment is not that good. You worked so hard but then the amount you received at end of the day still not tally with the workloads. So I decided to move to other country in order to look for a better future to support my family.

I’m married. Have 6 kids. My husband unable to work due to the accident that he involved in the construction site back in Indonesia. I moved to Malaysia, I worked as a cleaner at this corporate company in Kuala Lumpur. 10 years I’m working in Malaysia. Every month without fail, I will transfer money to support my family which my husband and my kids. It’s hard when you are married but you need to stay away from the family in order to give them a better future.

What makes me so sad is that as a mother, I can’t see the development of my kids. I only work the whole clock.  I have kept a promise to myself where I don’t want them to been into the situation that I’ve encountered before.

After 10 years working in Malaysia. I make a decision where I want to find job opportunity in Singapore. I love working in Malaysia just that I want to  more money to raised my kids. All of them are now in primary schools.

Here, In Singapore, I worked as a maid. My employer really taking care of me. Living in Singapore is totally different compared to Indonesia. A lot of things I have learnt. This year going to be my 5 years working in Singapore. All together 16 years apart from the family. I must say that it is hard when you are the only one in the family that struggling for the family future. To think back it is really tiring, but what else to do. I don’t have proper education background. If I quit, who is going to be responsible? My savings are all for my family and for their future. I really hope we can live for a better future oneday.”

Kartika, 48 years old, Jawa Timur