WalletFriend Wisdom Tip #14: Becoming Effective With Your Finances – Pt.2

In our previous article, we discussed how you can be more effective with your finances. As an addition to last week’s tip, we bring you all other steps in becoming more effective.

Think Win-Win

You should think of an agreement or solution where both parties benefit from. It can be a bad influence for a relationship when only one party wins. With win-win there is something for everybody. When thinking of a financial goal you also need to think win-win, look back at Wisdom Tip #11 about side jobs. Sometimes when getting a side job your employer may need certain things from you, but as long as both parties benefit then you are in a good situation.

Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

To understand is very important. What happens a lot is that people give a solution before seeing the problem. If you try to understand someone first, the chance that they will understand you is much higher. A lot of people feel like they can never hold on to money. Look back at Wisdom Tip #4, keeping the constant question in mind “Do I really need this?” can help you reduce your costs and increase the amount of money left over after every important bill is paid.


According to Stephen Covey, synergy means “two heads are better than one.” By combining our Wisdom Tips with some of your own personal creative solutions you will be able to solve multiple financial challenges and achieve your end goal. By being open-minded, solution driven, and a team worker, you will be able to overcome any financial challenge that comes your way. You will be able and willing to accept help while still thinking for yourself to make sure what the optimal method is for yourself.

Sharpen the Saw

This means working hard on improving the most valuable thing to you. By always making sure to keep working on yourself physically, mentally, social/emotional, and spiritual you will be able to progress even further in life. Always put newly learned lessons into practice in order to keep improving them on a daily basis. We hope that by implementing our Wisdom Tips you will be able to develop great financial habits and achieve your financial goals.

That concludes our 7 habits section, and we hope that today’s tip gave you some great insight into how you can achieve many of your financial goals. Stay tuned for upcoming tips!