WalletFriend Wisdom Tip #18: Are You Chrometophobia?

What is Chrometophobia?

Chrometophobia and Chrematophobia mean the intense fear of money. According to the Greek words, Chermato means money while Phobos means deep aversion, dread or fear. Both the words originate from it. Are we suffering these phobics among yourself?

Some phobics are only afraid of the corrupting power of money, others might fear financial failures or the responsibility money brings. Some cases of fear of money phobia might be related to fear of germs as a result of which the person might be afraid to touch money handled by someone else.

What leads to fear of money?

  • People with very little money tend to suffer more from the fear of money. People also tend to feel anxious about the little money they have which creates thinking patterns that make them think of money as a bad object.
  • The fear of money might also originate from negative experiences, which money often brings. Where there is money there is greed and this concept has been ingrained in us right since our childhood in the form of fairy tales and stories of evildoers who harm good people for money.
  • A child might see its parents fight and squabble over money and might grow up with negative thinking patterns about it. Finances also bring responsibilities.
  • Money often leads to stress and anxiety and could make people feel powerless or out of control.
  • People having pre-existing anxiety disorders could also suffer from the fear of money phobia.

What are the symptoms fear of money

  • Those with little money often feel powerless or find themselves without means of taking care of themselves.
  • Depression is a major side effect of this phobia. The phobic often realizes the irrationality of his thoughts but feels powerless to control them.
  • Might refuse to see a doctor or dentist, often resulting in negative health consequences.

How to prevent fear of money?

Meditation and positive affirmations can help. Let go of materialistic pleasures and earthly bonds to come in a perpetual state of bliss. Learn the knowledge about money as it can help erase its fears and prevent them from controlling one’s life.

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